“Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.”

Seth Godin

make this pivot remarkable

build your brand as the standout leader


With this shifting marketplace, you and your brand may need a dramatic up-level in the hearts of your current and future audiences. This new economic environment, makes many demands of quality on your brand that did not exist in the past. BRANDpivot fully addresses the requirement to transform your brand as a clear leader in your industry.


BRANDpivot is a five-phase creative innovation process:

  1. an honest SWOT plus a “view from the end” to set your new brand bar
  2. wildcrafting your new innovations and opportunities
  3. mapping the elements of your new brand topography
  4. aligning the head, heart & hand of your brand
  5. production of a vision video for your stakeholders


BRANDpivot may be conducted in person in the Seattle area or worldwide via video conferencing